Refurbishment and Renovations

Add Building WA specialise in bringing mining camp accommodation and administration builds up to working standards. By first analysing the site, our team put together a plan to move forward – this will include budgets, timelines, services required, and projected outcomes. We know the difficulty of having an area that is not in working order, therefore we always work quickly and on budget.

The harsh climate and extreme heat in many of West Australia’s mining areas cause temporary buildings to erode quickly. As mining activities move through a region, there’s an ongoing need to move existing mining camps, refurbish, and modernise them, bringing them up to expected living conditions.

We offer our clients cost effective solutions for the renovation of accommodation modules, kitchen and catering facilities, as well as administration blocks.

We also work to facilitate the decommissioning of existing camps, and the safe transport and installation in new configurations to suit our client’s incoming workforce. This is all done with minimal impact on existing mining operations.

Our Add Building WA team are able to work off plans, restoring old dilapidated mining camp buildings
to modern standards – managing material procurement and transport as part of the project.

Refurbishment services include:

Building relocation

Footings and foundations


Plumbing and drainage

Air conditioning and heating

Building maintenance

Full renovation services

Kitchen refurbishment and fitting out


Landscaping and pathways

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