Add Building WA

West Australia’s locally based modular building company.

Our team focus their skillsets on building, maintaining, installing, and transporting everything from modular homes to full mining camps, and every scale of job in between. Each project has its own requirements and we work with our clients to scope the job first and design each element before commencing the construction.


Mining camps and remote communities need almost everything that an urban suburb needs to thrive. These homes and communities often require landscaping, storage solutions, fencing, hydraulic services, transport, concreting, rehabilitation services, and ongoing maintenance.

The basics of a mining camp, for example, doesn’t stop at the construction of the individual dongas. Add Building WA are looking to create effective camps that take into consideration the lifestyle of the people residing there.


We are part of a larger, connected building group, Add BG, that has developed a reputation based on decades of industry experience.

This of course means trust and reliability, but it also means that each job is privy to a larger network of in-house contractors and trade specialists.

With efficiency of scale, each Add Building WA job stays on time and on budget.


To design and construct West Australian remote camps with a purpose.
It’s all about creating homes and liveable communities, not just rest-stops.


We aim to deliver all of the required project services in-house and make use of local tradesmen in each community that we work in. Working with local providers means that skills and knowledge are being absorbed from both parties, and opportunities for those living in remote communities is greater.


Simply put, safety is about ensuring that people come home from work in the same (or better) condition than when they left. Each job complies with the strictest safety regulations to ensure that our projects deliver zero harm to everyone involved – this extends from Add Building WA workers and contractors to the people/businesses in the surrounding community.


We know that business is grown via the delivery of quality projects. Our attention to detail and strict compliance with our client’s timeframes and budgets means peer recommendations and repeat business opportunities.


For the delivery of flawless projects, we use an in-house scheduling/programming system and a team of senior project managers. This two-fold approach means that nothing is missed. With a team of engineers working alongside, we deliver practical and effective plans and work packages.

Project Delivery

Each job is centred around one project manager; therefore, clients have a single point of contact for all stages of the job. This approach means that we are able to control the quality, timeline, and budget of each build.


Daily, weekly, and monthly communication is what our clients can expect; hourly in some instances. It’s all based on the unique job and the stage that it’s at. We work with you to develop a communication plan that determines how often and to what level of detail our communication will take – it’s about finding the balance between keeping you in the loop and not overwhelming the email servers


We’ve streamlined our structures and our supply chains in order to offer the most cost-effective solutions to our clients. We’re able to meet budgets without compromising on quality.

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